Whether I made a Correct Decision?

Heyy. I was in a reltnshp for around 2 years. we were very much in love. deeply and madly. Our family was aware about it n dts was d best part for me. My family z kinda cnsrvative bt fir ds guy i tried really hard to convince evry1. he was very possessive n i too luvd ds. he use to say me what to wear n what not. He did ds cz he dint lyk me wearng clths whch are revealing. i dint mind eithr. Bt sumtyms wen i wantd to do smthng i lykd he wudnt allow me. dn two or three tyms i wore what he dint lykd. he dint want dat someone else notice me. i lied to him about clths ofcrse. he came to know. he creatd a big issue. i knw he was carng n cncrn. i apologized so may times. he said i broke her heart jz cz i lied. dn he chose to break up. i begged him to stay he dint. i knew he loves me a lot. he was angry wen he made d decsn. i tht he would come back. he did. bt aftr 9 months. he apologized. he said he always mssd me. hewanted me back. bt i told him dat know my dad has lost trst in u. he wudnt agree fior aur marriage. i had face many dffclty cnvnvg my parnts bfre. ds tym inknew dy would not agree. also i was thnkng dat if a guy whu z cmng aftr so many mnths whu dint care about how hard it was to cnvnce evry1. whu nevr tht how i mst be feelng aftr he lft me. i said him a clear no. i miss him. bt i dnt want to let down my fathr ds tym. i really dnt knw my dcsn was crrct or not. still deprssd.


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  • I think you did the right thing. A guy should never be controlling like that. He shouldn't tell you what to wear etc. He should love you no matter what you wear.

    Move on. I've a feeling he would only get more controlling as time went on.