Dose my Ex Fiance still love me? Although she's says she's in love with her new guy?

Hi my name is Sean I've kinda had the same thing in my relationship. Me and my fiance were together 5 years, we were getting married had a home and department store.. At that time I had lost myself in our relationship and was dealing with personal issues that were hindering my relationship. She is my first love also, I know now after getting myself back I became clingy and our relationship was no longer evolving. When she left me I was very heartbroken did all that stuff I lost it, begged pleaded, numerous text.. I just couldn't believe I was loosing my family. Since then I've gotten in shap e, got a life coach began reading numerous books on relationships etc. I really put in the effort and I'm sincerely sorry for things I did. It's been 14 mo and 2 months after we split, she began dating this one guy, I ran him off.. Then immediately after she got with this other guy, who now lives at our house and they been going out 114 mo now.. Is he a rebound I mean she never took time alone.. Because I stayed single 8mo I still loved her very much and still do. I've loved her since kids, I know we forgot why we were together and both destroyed what we had. Now my actions led to it.. Do I have a chance. I could really use some input. I've dated other girls I'm 36 she's 33 we've talked a few times first time I took her roses on mother's day 2015 she was so mad, we spoken via text and she dosent really talk.. I just wish she would let me show her I'm 1000% sorry for the dick I was. One morning I came up stairs and she told me she prayed I would do better, the wheels vegan spinning and I got myself together. She's telling this new guy she loves him on FB it hurts to see that, but I can deal now.. I was so angry at her for destroying us but how can I be mad at her cause elfor everything I was mad at her for, she can be mad at me for something, she raised hell about me doing right, I don't know I sit sometimes and I still miss her so much #daily. It would be so nice just to talk. I

I'm sorry they've been going out 14 mo now.


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  • She's moved on. She doesn't owe you a second chance. If she's happy with the new guy, learn to let go and be happy for her. If she isn't happy it's not your place to get involved unless she invites you to. Very likely, getting back together is too much to hope for.

    • You know for the most part I have given her space I had to re find my mojo brother but in my heart brother she's my soulmate. We were together since teenagers. First loves lost our virginity you know all those things.. So many memories.. I'm not pinning over her I would just like to start as friends again like Hi I'm Sean nice to meet you..

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    • Hey Sean. As long time friends, you have a better chance of rekindling a friendship at least than you would otherwise. If that happened at all it would take time. Certainly her current guy wouldn't be happy with two of you remaining friends.

      That broken neck puts her in a difficult position. Even if she had doubts about the relationship she might not leave him at the moment since he needs her (assuming she's that type). The best I can suggest for now is to wait the situation out and see what develops.

    • Thank you very much I guess I consider him a homewrecker you know.. I figured by now I would have gotten over her, I've dated all that good stuff, but in the back of my mind I honestly still love her. I know I took her for granted a lot.. But I'm not like other men, when I started self improvement i wanted to do it for me. Cause I wanted to be a partner then I was.
      I think we both wanted to fix things but didn't know how at that point. Thanks for all you advice brother it really helped.

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