Should you apologize to an ex if you hurt them?

I doubted my ex and in a sense accused him of cheating. I guess i made assumptions and not until now have I found out I was wrong. I did reach out to him after break up which he responded and the third time he said he would text me next day after i suggested we meet up. He never did so I vowed to never initiate again. Either way i was thinking that if i ever crossed paths with him or bumped into him. I would apologize. What do you guys think? I do truly love him and i know he does too. It has been 2 months since our break up. On Valentine's day it will be 3 months.

Is graduation a good place to apologize to an ex?


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  • Yes, I think that you should apologise. Even if you don't want to get back together you should as it'll help clear your heart and mind. If you want to get back together definitely do. Admit you were wrong, work stuff out, confess feelings happily ever after.

    • I was thinking about apologizing but only if i ever saw him in person. I would not reach out to him through text though because he hasn't initiated. Who knows? perhaps i see bump into him or I was thinking at his graduation. Good idea

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    • Good work!!!

    • hahaha yes thank you. He ended texting me 2 hours later explaining how he felt when he found out i accused him of being unfaithful. And shared how he believed we had a great thing going on, but at times it seemed like i was unhappy and were coming up with issues to distrust and dislike him. But how he feels that now that we are out of the relationship, i can appreciate and realize how good he was to me. And i shared what hurt me etc

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