How do I breakup with my girlfriend?

For personal reasons of which I will obviously explain to my girlfriend, I want to just be friends with her and that is genuine, she is an amazing friend and I am very scared I will lose her. As you can see it's not fair to be with someone who you don't want to be with in a romantic relationship with if you're only scared of losing them as a friend.

Anyway how do I go about breaking up with her nicely and not over text or the phone? I am usually the one getting dumped on the phone through text so I don't really know the nicest way to do it. I mean how do I just say "Can we meet up for a bit?", what if she says why, what do I say then?

Any advice will be helpful and girls please tell me the nicest way to do it that wouldn't hurt her. My reasons are genuine and it's nothing to do with cheating, found someone else, etc. Also we have been together for about 4 months, so fairly short.



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  • Do you love her? Does she love you? Honestly, I've been in the scenario where my boyfriend told me he loved me, but he was in a mental state where he felt he couldn't be the best boyfriend for me. He told me he wanted to remain close friends because he loves being around me and our friendship. AS a girl, this situation is very difficult because it feels like rejection even though you still want to be friends. If you both love each other it'll be nearly impossible to just be friends. But, if you both don't love each other romantically it's definitely possible to just be friends.

    So my advice is to gauge how much you like her and how much she likes you. If you don't have romantic feelings for her you should definitely end it, but if she likes you she won't take it well


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  • finally a respectful break up done where it should be done, face 2 face.

    "a bit" is a warning signal.. j/s

    up to you if u wanna convey that.

    • p. s. don't try n be her friend until a good 6 months has passed so she can get over you. . do her that favor, as a friend.

    • Ouch, 6 month is quite a bit. I always thought the shorter a relationship was the easier it will be?

    • follow my advice.

      she may come around in 3 or 4... before set out w/a good half year in mind. when she wants to befriend you, she will. don't do that "let's be friends i dont wanna lose you, u can call me everyday" cuz she can't. that's not breaking up.

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  • You're just going to lose her.

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    • false... if you're respectful you'll have a trustworthy friend DOWN the line. don't expect to get back together, unless you two cross paths again... getting to know the new yous, again...

    • That's really just wishful thinking. Especially when life hits both of you and you go your separate ways. But if you feel like you want to break up, do it.

  • Where you the one who asked her out or was it her? If it was you, then did she accept and been very excited about it? If it was her, Then you are going to lose her. For us females, once we are in a relationship and then all of a sudden our boyfriends wants to be just friends with you, we can't. It hurts to much.


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