Girlfriend of 8 months left me because I lied about things I was Insecure about, How can I win her back?

Hello, thank you for reading this.
My girlfriend left me last week because I lied about some small things and now she's very angry and blocked me off everything so i have no way of talking to her.
I had financial problems recently, and with the little money i had I was trying to treat her by taking her out and buying her gifts and showing how much i love her. She asked me am i ok with money and I lied and said I was fine when in reality i was not. I also lied about my steroid use ( I am a competive bodybuilder) I lied about my work too after I lost my job I was pretending to go to work just to make her think i was working because I was too ashamed to tell her I lost my job. The last week has been torture for me, I approached her after she finished work the other day with a necklace i bought her, and she said give it to someone else, she also said she hates me etc, I was trying my best to explain everything and why i lied but she said it doesent matter and she doesent care anymore, I was walking with her and she called the police saying i was following her. She was so angry with me, I left her alone for a few days and I left a boquet of roses and her fave choclates and a card on her door step at night And i have heard nothing since from her. I checked her facebook from a friends page and she posted a qoute saying : ''If your brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello'' I got very upset seeing this, made me think she's moving on to a new man now. I really do love this girl a lot and would do anything for her, I am already changing the bad things about myself. I really want to know how I can win her back. I dont see how she can go from calling me the love of her life one day then the next day she said she hates me. I really need some advice, please help! Thank you in advance


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  • When someone lies to you , every truth becomes questionable. So if you lie to someone who you say you love , they will start to question what else you have lied about. She is obviously very hurt and her trust is broken. She may never regain her trust in you. You may just have to learn a lesson from it... never lies to someone who trusts you. Trust takes seconds to break, and a lifetime to repair.

    A lie is a lie at the end of the day, regardless of why you lied or how small you think the lie is... you still deceived her and betrayed her trust


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  • First you should know that no one hates so bad and hurt so bad unless loved so bad.
    This is a trust issue now she thought she knows you better than this so she was shocked. However , I think all you can do now is to keep trying to talk to her into giving you another chance. But first are you really welling to change? this question you need to answer before you do anything.

    • thank you my friend, but when she says she hates me does she really mean that or is it our of anger? should I give her space or should i persist?

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    • Thank you for your help bro

    • you are more than welcome :D :D