Will it all catch up with him someday? Or maybe we just weren't compatible? Could this new girl be the "one"?

For the record, I am no longer with this guy now.

I'm just wondering if I was dating a pathological liar, or if he just didn't treat me right because we weren't compatible for each other. Does even the nicest guy treat certain girls like crap?

My ex treated me so poorly, separating him from his friends and family, getting upset if I got close to anyone too close to him, and told them very nasty things about me. I became the enemy. I wonder now though, why he didn't break up with me earlier if he was so unhappy.

Honestly now that I look back, I think his biggest fear is being single. I think his second biggest fear is not having someone on his arm that everyone finds "hot" and "a catch". I don't understand why he needed everyone else to tell him whether or not he had a catch, shouldn't a person just think that about who he or she is with regardless of what anyone else says?

He would tell me sweet things but would tell everyone else how much I was irritating him. He would tell me things like it was fine to come over, and then after the fact he would tell his friends that I was too clingy and needed him around 24/7.

He would lie to me a lot. He would say something and later retract his statement and tell me I was remembering it wrong, and eventually after enough of these I started to really question my memory. I also lacked support from him. He never would ask me about what was happening in my life, but he was always keeping track of his friend's lives and especially that girl that he's with now. I hadn't questioned it much back then because I wanted not to seem like a psycho gf. I feel like post-breakup that he had been sizing her and I up to see which of us was better for him.

He was also quite manipulative. Or at least, I thought so. When we broke up the first time, he cried and begged for another chance. He also cried to a lot of his friends and told them that he thought the problem was him and not me. It made me feel like an ass.

Now he is with a girl who apparently he had been talking to prior to dating me, but she hadn't been interested in him at the time because of his short-term girlfriend track record. While we ran into problems though, I found out that while he told me we could talk about it later or not worry about it, he would be running to this girl for some sort of pat on the back. Portray me as crazy or bad to him. From what I understand now, she bought it and believes he's the most amazing guy in the world. They are somewhat of an item now.

So here is what I am wondering. Could it just be very possible that this girl is just perfect for him and that it wasn't me, I just wasn't his type? I guess I'm kind of hurt because it seems like they'll work out and after all he put me through, it just hurts to think that they would succeed. Is it possible people will see through him someday? Or am I wrong and really the bad person here? If I am the problem, I would really like to fix it for the future. I can accept honesty


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