Me and boyfriend of 1.5 years broke up 4 days ago. I broke up. I love him a lot and want him to realize his mistake and call me back?

We've been together for 1.5 years and we've known each other since 7 years - he says he's been in love with me all through those years. Things were perfect until 30 Dec when things got really rough. I had some mistakes I improved and I treated him really specially all these 30 days. He got really busy and I'm in depression and going through a tough time - so I turned a bit clingy and needy. I wanted his time but found out he's keeping himself busy on weekends in order to avoid talking to me. We're in an ldr. When I asked him the reason - he said I'm sorry I shouldn't say this but I'm tired of your crying and a part of me just wants to be away from this sadness -I know its wrong. Plus he was taking me for granted all these days and didn't appreciate me. I got really hurt and told him that okay now you'll be away from this sadness. Goodbye
That's how I broke up with him. Its been 4 days. I still love him and want him back - want him to beg me back. The problem is I broke up many times this month out of frustration and then used to call him up and beg and get back. This time its the longest I haven't called or messaged because I want him to realize and get me back. He messaged me hi on day 2nd and a goodnight in separate messages that day. He messaged me goodnight again the next day. Today he messaged me good morning! Have a great day.
He's not called me since. Will he ever call and beg for me? Is he thinking I'll come back again like every time? I'd like more guys too reply thanks!

Oh and I forgot to add - I ignored his texts since I really want him to call and beg me back.


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  • Wrote you are really sad! I mean you are depressed and on to if there you are playing games now?
    Grow up!!! Get help for your depression...
    No one like a sad person who cries everyday and does nothing about the depression

    First fix your depression and then go for a relationship...
    Depression kills everything.. How long are you gonna stay depressed and how long will he handle your depression?


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  • Well, to be perfectly honest, you don't sound like you deserve him. You are currently by your own, abliet unknowing, admission only thought of yourself. you wanted him to give you more even when he couldn't, you wanted him be there fore you but where not willing to put aside your wants for him and now you want the satisfaction of seeing him grovel and beg for forgivness showing that you really only want him back out of vindictivness, ie to prove he was the one who was in the wrong not you. Until you can give him what you demand of him, I don't think you should be in a relationship. He has needs and wants too, if you cannot respect that then you don't deserve him. If however you really want him back, call him apologize and try to think of him at least as much as yourself then see what happens.

  • i'm totally not reading this essay

  • I think you need to work on your depression with a therapist. It's not right to sling that at him and expect him to get you through it. The dudes not an expert he doesn't know what to do about your mental health. I think you need to work on your depression first before trying to get back together with him.


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  • Yeah your relationship hit a rough patch...

    I suggest you get help for your depression. Therapy. Or counseling. Because that's a serious thing and putting that pressure and energy and your love ones would drive them insane.
    That's what happened to your boyfriend.
    Sure a partner is suppose to be there to support you but you threw up everything on him. It's no wonder he couldn't take it anymore.
    Fix yourself first.
    So I suggest getting actual help. Once you are in the process; have a meeting with your boyfriend and tell him everything: tell him you are seeking therapy for your depression. Apologize to him for being that way and let him know he is still very important to you and that you love him very deeply. Tell him that your going to make it through this; you are going to be strong.
    Be positive.

  • If you are ignoring his texts, its showing him you don't want to talk to him. You are essentially rejecting him.

    It's not right for him to complain about your depression. Depression is serious stuff and isn't something you choose to have. He should be more supportive on that front.

    But its' also not realistic for you to expect him to beg you to come back. How would you feel if someone asked you to beg for them back?

    That's a pretty high maintenance thing to ask for. It's beyond reasonable.

    It's okay to want him to support you better when you are feeling depressed./ But you are playing too many games when it comes to breaking up with him and stuff and ignoring his messages.

    If he's worth it, text him back. Explain that you are having a really hard time and that it hurt when he told you he didn't like you crying.

  • Ok this is going to be really hard but you need to not contact him or reply for 30-45 days. You've shown him that you're needy and clingy. It's a good sign that he's messaging you at all. Right now to have the best chance of getting him back is to focus on yourself. Do the things that make you happy. Find new hobbies, new friends etc. Surround yourself with family and friends and vent to them. They need to support you. But you need to prove to him that you can go without contacting him, trust me when i say it won't be easy. But you need to do this for yourself. You need to become strong without him.

    A relationship is only part of our lives. A partner should be the person that we share our life with. Our lives should never just be our partners.