Why would someone devote so much attention to me, spend so much money and time just to delete me from their life?

It's been about two weeks now but I'm still struggling to get over it :/ it was only early days but it still meant something to me. Like he promised me so much, he basically made out to me we were going to be something
I just feel really let down and confused. He deleted me off Facebook after randomly ignoring me but he still has me on snapchat. So he's constantly seeing what I'm up to and I can see what he's doing... Why didn't he delete me off there? Ugh. Then I saw his annoying face on tinder lol. I just keep getting reminded of him 😂
I'm starting to see this other guy, who's lovely and gorgeous. He's way better than the other guy so I don't know why I'm still so hurt about it but I am.


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  • 1. There could be so many reasons for this behavior beautiful young lady :)
    2. Basically most men are made hunters by nature, it's the chase and Adrenalin that makes them go. Once they have acquired to the extent they want to, the rush dies down thus they take off
    3. At some point in time he may have felt that you guys don't vibe just cause you're beyond his league
    4. You are in an age group of trial and errors - doesn't make sense to hold on to things
    5. Another thing could be something happened that didn't go down well with him but he's not a vocal chap - I'd say leave it there
    6. Makes sense to take him off your Tinder, Snapchat etc too :)
    7. No point in hurting yourself keeping him on - once you do that he may come cowering back and that's a good possibility but my recommendation is keep it status quo :)


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  • You are probably feeling so hurt, because he made you feel so special one minute , but then all of a sudden he has made you feel so unwanted. Rejection can lower a persons self-esteem, because it can make them feel so worthless. He hasn't given you a reason why he ended it the way he did, so you probably have endless questions as to why he just suddenly started ignoring you. I think the most painful goodbyes are the unsaid and unexplained ones. They leave you... forever wondering why.

    Personally, i think he probably did like you , but people are only loyal to their own needs. Once their needs change so do their priorities. Just look on his rejection as a re-direction to someone better. You are now seeing a guy who sees your worth and wants all you have to offer, so just be thankful you are not still with a guy you almost settled for. Don't waste any more of you feelings, emotions and thoughts on someone who doesn't value them. Just focus on the new guy you are seeing :)


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  • Probably you feel a blow to your self-esteem, like you were unwanted in some way. At least a part of the pain of break-up tends to be this, even if you cared little for the person. It's worth remembering you have a new guy now who's really into you. Some people just aren't very compatible, it says little about how appealing you are in the eyes of others.

  • It's because someone breaking up without words is a painful thing... much more painful that someone telling you that there is another girl :o
    Now it's shifted from love to weirdness and it's no surprise this is giving you a worried feeling! Maybe he wanted physical pleasure instead of a relationship :o
    Try to focus on the guy who means much more to you :D the other story will slowly fade...

  • Maybe he just wanted the P? Why are you so hurt about him? Also, where do you find these hopeless boys? You ain't having much luck :P

    • Probably lol
      Tinder 😫😂😂😂

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    • Presuming that isn't the rejection on tinder, then Same. Though I'd feel like your dad :P

    • Might have to call you daddy then ;)

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  • I guess you didn't have enough time to properly heal before jumping into a relationship. For me m that should be the first step. If it hurts that bad then maybe you should delete him from your snapchat and focus on your new relationship.

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