Did my ex ever get over me? Or is he just bat sh*t crazy?

Okay so my first love and I broke up last August, it wasn't our choice.. He moved. This dude honestly has a lot of inside issues, but I loved him a lot. We broke up after he moved but couldn't stop acting like we're in a relationship then I messed with someone after while we weren't officially dating anymore. Which he calls cheating and he tells people I'm a cheater. Etc. Then He really ended it after he forgave me and we continued normal. I was pissed then he told me he hated me.. Weeks go by and he says he forgives me and has a new girlfriend. He's been serial dating every since, then I'll hear about him talking trash and asking about me. Then he'll play games like text me and not respond. He's changed a lot which worries me. I will always love him and I moved on from our romantic aspect but I really just genuinely care about him, because he's somewhere new and no one is there for him, he seems miserable as hell.


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  • He's crazy. (and hopefully got over you)


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