Girls, What to do w my ex gf?

My ex girlfriend Still has feelings for me, she loves and misses me. Its been 3 weeks since she broke things off. She is always available for me and is willing to see eachother whenever. What should i do? I want to get in a relationship w her but she doesn't seem interested although she said it could happen.


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  • Try hard to be in a relationship with her.

    • What do you mean by that? What are some suggestions?

    • Well, I am not attracted to guys, but I can tell that she is hurt by something. She is just stubborn, but has her soft, emotional issues.

  • So she just wants a friends with benefits?

    • It seemed that way at first bc we had sex twice but i intiated it. I can tell she wants me in her life but not like that.

    • Well I think it would be up to you if you want to give her another shot. I don't know the reason why she broke things off but you have to consider the fact that she can break things off again. It's been 3 weeks so i'm sure she's starting to feel to hit of breaking up. If that's the reason she wants to get back, it's not a good enough reason to get back together.