How do you feel when you lose someone that treated you right and loved you?

I broke up with my ex and I don't know how he feels about it. We broke up because he was getting stressed and taking out on me, meanwhile he was doing drugs and I didn't know about that. I just couldn't take it anymore, I loved him so much and gave him my all and got nothing in return. He always told me that I was a good person, beautiful, smart, confident, independent, kind, sweet, funny, considerate, and he couldn't believe someone like me was with someone like him. He always said he cared about me but he never showed it. I wasn't aware of what he was going through because he refused to talk about it or even communicate with me at all. Just one day after checking on him because i hadn't heard from him in a week he blew up at me then i was aware what was happening with him. The thing that hurt the most was when he called me a nagging bitch 2 times and he said he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I thought he was hurt but he said i was better off thinking he was dead. So i ended it. I loved him and cared about him so deeply and he broke my heart. He wanted to talk that night but i blocked him. His final message said, "I'm sorry, i wish i could have shown you how much i cared about you and I'm not mad at you just wish I could have showed you more. I hope you find someone who appreciates you like you did with me. I'm sorry i hurt you. Okay bye." Then he put 10 hearts to symbolize how many months we were together.
How would you feel if lost someone like that? Or how do you think he feels?

  • I would feel like shit and wish I could fix whatever I did
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  • I wouldn't feel sad, what's done is done.
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  • I voted based on my own weakness, not principle, or not what's best for your personal health and sanity. I always want to try to fix relationships, think optimistically (perhaps to the point of naivety) that people can change for the better.

    If you two still love each other, it sounds to me like the biggest issue was a lack of communication, and by communication, I mean really sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings (both of you -- usually the guy has the bigger problem, and will get angry and distance himself instead of gently talking it out). People grow distant when the communication is not there.

    Anyway, I just voted based on how I'd probably feel about it. I didn't vote based on how I *should* feel about it. I have no idea how he feels, maybe he'll straighten up or become worse.


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