My boyfriends perspective after a breakup?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 weeks ago. We'd been going out for nearly a year and we'd had a lot of arguments towards the end of the relationship. When he broke up with me he told me he still loved me and wanted to be with me but it was best if we ended it. He said there might be another chance for us in the future. Since then, he's been ignoring me quite a lot and not saying much when I've asked how he is. Apart from that we haven't text at all and he hasn't really tried talking to me first much and he doesn't really look at me when I'm speaking to him. He doesn't seem that upset either but I'm not sure. He also seems to be annoyed at me when he sits down next to me in class. He's just on his phone to avoid talking to me. I just want to know how he is feeling and why he is being like this? Whether he will talk to me again when he's ready? What is going through his mind from a boys perspective after the break up? Does he want me to talk to him first?


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  • That's what a break-up is. To me it seems abit strange when people break up and still talk.

    But he's probably feeling heart broken like a normal person.

    Listen to his actions and stop talking to him.

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