Is it weird of a guy to keep some of his ex's stuff?

My fiends ex is my finances best friend. My friend had written a story but her hard drive malfunctioned and deleted it. She said that at one point in time it was also on her ex's computer. So she asked me if I would see if he still had it. I was very doubtful, it has been over 3 years since their relationship. She now has children and he is in a relationship with someone else and he very much despises her for hurting him. She was his first love. Anyway, I asked him if he would still have this file and he said he thinks he does in an old hard drive somewhere. I found this kind of strange. Especially since he has such a strong dislike of her. Is it normal to keep such things? I don't think it was a 'maybe it's somewhere' he seemed pretty sure he had it. Is this normal?

  • Yes people will sometimes keep a few things from a past relationship.
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  • Nah that's kind of creepy
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  • It's also possible that he just forgot to delete the info off the hard drive. The only thing I have kept from my last relationship is my PS4. No way I'm getting rid of that!


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