Will I ever fully get over my first love? Did you?

I fell for this guy really hard, he was so amazing and perfect. He loved me as well, showed me off, took care of me, etc. We got our love cut short when he moved. I was pretty sure i had moved on after a month of crazy emotions missing him. (He was dating new people back to back and keeping no contact with me, I don't think he ever properly let go of those feelings for me either. He seems different..) recently, he contacted me and I've been feeling all kinds of crazy emotions. The point is we left our love unfinished it feels and I know in my heart he loves me too, but it hurts still and I'm annoyed I even care. It's been 6 months


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  • You will. But they will be in certain place in your heart. I know how you feel. I met this guy who I thought he was the right one for me but he wasn't. I still care about him tho. It's been a year already but hew has already special tiny place in my heart still. First loves are not unforgettable.

  • Yeah you do.
    Once you get over it you are unstoppable!