Ex boyfriend and father of my 5 month old daughter. Is he showing interest in a relationship with me or no?

My ex and i were together for 2 years but we split up when i was 8 months preg. He was present at my daughters birth but haven't been very involved due to his job and the fact that he wants weekends but bc we are both single every other weekend works best so we can go out and date again. He hadn't seen his daughter in over 3 months due to an argument we had but finally i arranged for him to visit with our daughter she was asleep in the living room in her bassinet with my dad. The first thing he asked when he arrived was " where is she" my dad said she is up stairs if u would like me to go get her. He said "no that's fine i didn't come to see her i came to visit with my daughter". Bc my daughter was fussy being with him i came down to help. He stared at me most of the time then commented on the fact that he liked what i did to my hair. I ignored it and we talked about our child then he left. What is he trying to do? Did i miss something bc I'm confused. You don't make a comment like that for nothing when we are in a custody battle and never talk unless it has to do with our daughter. So confused advice anyone?


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  • Were you the reason he couldn't see his daughter?
    Like ya you fought doubt it matters what it was about but did he go away or did you prevent him from seeing her daughter

    • Both. He goes away (he's a soilder *military) and i prevented him from seeing her out of her best interest. He doesn't understand her needs or show much interest in meeting them and she is breast fed. He always asks to have her for 3 hrs (take her from my home to visit with his family) even though she feeds more often than that. I have never allowed that i've only allowed an 1hr the most. But my questions was with regards to his comment about me... he showed more interest in me than her...

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    • That's confusing he could be pissed yes but why was he staring at my the whole time checking me out instead of paying attention to his daughter. Then said i like the changes you have made and that he likes...

    • Ya yuo can try to read into this but he doesn't want you he was being polite

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