Does an insecure ex want you more when they see you have rejected them?

Ever since my sister rejected her abusive ex he stopped trying to contact her and calling/texting her (she just deleted him from social networks). He started trying to contact her like 3 months after they broke up.
He sure would not try to contact her again, but does he have an "idealised" vision of what he can't have?


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  • Yes, and Being an Observant Sibling about your Sis, it is Up to you to Make sure she Continues To... See it.
    He is back for More in Store with Nothing but a Full Circle Problem Pattern here, dear, and No.. He hasn't changed his Abusive Ways all those Days, He probably has even Gotten Worse with Not Changing his Stripes.
    My Own 'Idealised' Vision of this loser is he is Living in a Dream World if He thinks Any Amazing girl, Past or Present, Would Put up with this Animal.
    ]He Wants what he Want, it's even More a chase and a challenge right now. He may keep on Trying and Not Taking "No" for an Answer. If it ever comes down to it, tell sis to get a Restraining Order against him and Hopefully Then he will Get the Hint.
    Good luck. x

    • Thank you for your opinion. :)

      He did stop contacting her after he saw that she has deleted him from contacts and all that. I just wonder if now he does not talk because of "pride" or if he thought badly of her because she did so? Because clearly from what I have read on his posts he was already idealsing her like "i lost her" and now I just wonder if that idealisation is gone.

    • He may Be missing the Kissing and the His and Her History they both shared... However, best to stay clear of him, he will never change.. And so welcome. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for your own Vote of Confidence and Happy Valentine's Day from someone who cares.:)) xxoo

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  • People generally want what they can no longer have but your follow up comments don't make enough sense to comment on.