Guys, What does this mean?

This guy broke up with me under the pretext I wasn't making him happy. He got with another girl, he was a total asshole to me for 2 months now.

two days ago he shows up at my door, crying and apologising for how mean he was to me and he realised I didn't deserve it and then we spent hours together and he said he loves me a lot and that I made him really happy and proud but he's scared to get back together. After talking a bit and agreeing on what would make things work, he said he wants to love me and be with me.

After a few days he just went cold and when I messaged him to ask what the fuck why does he keep doing this to me ( coming back, leaving me, coming back etc) and what is he afraid of. He basically wrote me this substancial thing: "because i think you are amazing and I want you in my life. however you love me withy every fibre of your being and I want to feel the same and just dive into love buy i dont seem to be able to and i hate that and i wish i could i dont know whats wrong with me but yeah" and after a few more messaged back and forth he finally said this : "look dude im sorry I wish I could love you like you love me but I dont and that means it won't work, and I wish this wasn't the case because I enjoy your company so much and i think you are a wonderful person".

I swear I don't get it. When he came crying that day he said I'm the type of rare girl around and he called me a diamond, but I don't understand why does he keep changing his mind. I am 100% sure he loves me but he keeps hurting me and changes his mind. One day he's here crying and saying he'll love me and the second he leaves he changes his mind.

I blocked him on facebook and the only way he can contact me is by calling, texting or whatsapping me, but I don't think he will...

Why is it so hard for him to just love me and just take things as they are and make things simple.


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  • This is pure conjecture and my opinion, but it sounds like there is another woman in his life. And when she kicked his heart right on its ass, he came back crying to you because he knew karma came for him and beat the shit out of him.

    Somebody who loves you, doesn't say it with words. They always show it with action.

    What you should do, is go out dating, not fucking, just date different type of guys and go have fun. You don't need love when it has crazy sprinkled all over it. Sounds like you need to move on.

  • I think he's playing with your emotions and knows exactly how much he can get away with.. Drop him like a bad habit.