What should I do about being stalked?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me a few months ago. He wanted to be friends and we was still sleeping with each other still. His been playing head games about getting back together and his been talking to another women behide my back. So I told him to get lost.. So I'm made a dating profile and he wrote me an email saying I saw you on the dating site for a long time til 3am in morning. Now he saying we can't be friends no more? He told me that until get myself together his going to leave me alone? So I deleted my dating profile... should I wait for a month or so to get back on?


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  • He sounds like an idiot who thinks he's some sort of smart-ass. Last time i checked you live in America and you're free to date whoever you want. Fuck that guy.

    • Thanks, I blocked him for contacting me. I went ahead and went back on the dating site. :)

  • I don't see any signs of him stalking you as such.

    • I hope not, cause I'm in the middle of moving. He keeps asking me where I'm moving to and other personal information.

  • He said he'd leave you alone so I don't see stalking yet

    • He keeps sending me emails tho? I keep telling me in a nice way that I'm going to find someone better. But he keeps writing me saying that I can't do this anymore. We can't be friends etc.. You think he would just stop sending emails. o_O

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    • He won't take his meds. I blocked him for getting a hold of me anymore.

    • The next step would be a restraining order

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