How to deal with this?

How to deal with a girlfriend that says she loves me but she keeps talking about her ex that she still loves and she's ignoring me sometimes?


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  • Have you told her that it bothers you when she talks about him? In any relationship talking about the ex is a rough subject but to talk about how she is still in love with him is a whole seperate ball park. She is obviously not over him and ready for another relationship. Girls don't like to be alone so it makes sense to get together with someone else especially when the one that she has strong feelings for or is in love with is no longer with her because she feels abandoned or lonely. For your sake and your hearts' sake, talk with her about it. Find out where her true feelings lie, and then make a decision. No successful relationship can develop with one partner who isn't committed all the way.

  • Tell her that you don't want her to talk about her ex boyfriend anymore.


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