Still bitter close to a year after break-up. Normal?

Hey guys,
Broke up with my ex last year in April almost a year and went strict NC in June almost 9 months since I talked to him. Was a really tough time with school and all. However during this time since September he has been trying to reach out/call to which I have never been receptive. I bear so much resentment towards him for hurting me (Long distance being tough on his part). I get back home permanently later in the year when I complete my studies. Is it normal to harbor resentment towards someone this long?


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  • Yes, you were really hurt by it because you truly cared for him. Just continue to ignore him and eventually he will give up. But try to let it go, by holding onto that resentment you're still allowing him to affect your life.

    • Yeah your right. I truly did care for him. I hope that someday I can genuinely find it in my heart to forgive him. Thanks for your opinion... x