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my ex girlfriend gives me a letter saying that she still loves me a lot and that no guy can make her as happy as I did. also that her current boyfriend compares nothing to me and tells me she wants to be with me again but she likes being with her boyfriend. so I don't know what to think. she also told me if she breaks up with her boyfriend she will come back to me does she really want to be with me or am I a rebound? also should I ask her this or keep it to myself


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  • I would say she is trying to make sure that if one doesn't work out she'll have someone else to go to so she won't be alone. Girls commonly do this, unfortunately. Actions speak louder than words so even though she says one thing, she still remains with this other guy. Whatever excuse she give you for "having to stay with this current guy" or whateve is keeping her with him is BS. Otherwise she would just leave him and be with you. You are her rebound. Best thing to do is be aware of that first off so you don't get your heart broken waiting around for her. Second, you should tell her that if she really feels this way that she needs to and should act on it, otherwise, don't talk about it because that's is only going to tease you I guess to say and give you false hopes.


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  • Yeah if she really cares about you should have already broke up with her current boyfriend for you. She is just trying to keep you around and hanging on her every word, she wants the she is with but while she's with him she doesn't want anyone to have you. she wants you to be waiting for her when she's done with what she has now. Trust me she isn't worth waiting for!

  • she doesn't know what she wants. she's taking advantage of the fact that you have feelings for her. you should move on with your life and find someone who appreciates you.


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