Why did he text this back?

So me and my ex are kind of friends and we keep in contact. He texts and calls me, so last Saturday he texted me then called, and then Monday he also called me. Then on his day off this past Tuesday he texted me in the morning "Hey you" then we texted for a bit. He asked if he could call me in 5 minutes, but called almost 2 hours later, and only talked for 15 minutes. He asked if he could call me in a bit and I said yeah because I had to go somewhere and I told him I'd text him when I get home.

So an hour later I text him to let him know I'm home and he texts me back but that's it then 4 hours later he calls me but I was busy so an hour later I text him saying sorry I miss your call u can call me back if you want to, and I get no response. Then 6.5 hours later at midnight he texts me "Hmm" and that's it.


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  • Saturday he contacted you. After, on Monday, he did the same. When Tuesday morning rolls around, he texts, "Hey you," and after he asks could he call you back. When he did, two hours later, he asked could he call you back again. Five hours later, he texts hmm.

    I'd say he has interest in getting back together with you but doesn't want to seem overly transparent and eager about it.

  • to annoy you and judging by how things are going, I'd say he succeeded.

  • He is either trying to annoy you or try to get back together with you


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