How to ask him this without sounding needy/annoying?

My ex and I broke up almost 2 weeks ago due to him about to start a crazy work/training/classes schedule (his schedule is going to be almost 7 days a week, I know and he's not just using that as an excuse) and not feeling like he's in the place to be in a relationship right now and doesn't feel he'll be able to be a good boyfriend. Last week, we had a closure phone call and he kept insisting that the breakup had nothing to do with me, I'm a great grlfriend, etc. I asked him if hyptothetically, in a year or two when his work/training schedule settles down and he's in a better place would he want to date me again (not making plans, just wondered since he kept saying I'm so great) and he said yes he would. We hadn't planned to really talk or hang out (I didn't want to be friends at first) but we ended things peacefully. Then on Monday, we decided to meet up sometime next month and hang out. I'm not going to wait two years for him but I'm just wondering if he only said that because he knew we wouldn't be talking anymore. What's a good way to bring that up without seeming nagging? I just want to know if he really meant that in two years we could try again or if he was just pacifying me. I don't wanna say it in a way where he thinks I'm trying to lock him into a plan or anything either.


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  • You are ex's. you broke up for a reason. never settle for an ex. Get someone NEW!


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  • Considering it's only been 2 weeks i think you need to spend more time apart.
    He was the one who suggested the split? You need to let him think it's his idea to start a relationship again.
    My advice would be to move on and make yourself happy, but don't date other guys. Simply hang out with your friends and forget about him for a while. Try this for 30 days. Don't respond to him, only reply if he says he misses you and wants you back etc.

    If he's messaging you in a friendly way, tell him things to make him laugh, things he would find interesting, no more than a couple a day to start off with. Don't reply immediately and be so available to him. He's certainly not being available to you. If he wanted to be with you right now he would. Let him realize what he's missing out on by not being with you. The only way you can miss something is when it's no longer there.