My ex's friend encourages me to talk to her, what should I do?

Im 19, she is 17. My ex broke up with me within a week last year on November when we met on pof. We live in the same city Brampton Ontario and she said she wants to do finish her school work on snapchat so im like k. 2 days ago she posted a picture of her dog on instagram saying she wants a man.. Then in another 2 days she posted a story saying "i missed you" so i text her if she missed me. Her response is "it has nothing to do with you..." The last time when we met she said she likes me but she never loved me, used me for dried-stinking humps. We went shopping once, i buy her food. I was planning to take her to the movies next week but she didn't want that because she's too fat and hate being seen with a black dude... Yet she jokes around saying she was pregnant after she sent me that message on snapchat that made me want to remove her... This year on janaurary since it passed, her friend told me she is coming to my school next semester and next semester this weekend she was there. I never said hi to her and i never hugged her because she's a toxic big fat whore that i can't tolerate since she lied to me last time. Oh yes... She did use my friend before i got to her. he told me she sucked his dick last year on 2014 and told him that she never loves black guys but likes how they look? he's not black! He is mixed guyanese and white! I'm black. But hey what if she had sex with a Caucasian guy in her own race, got a baby and gets dumped? Heck. She will get back to me... For whatever reason. Some guys said she felt sorry and a lot of them said she wants money! How funny.

And ladies and gents. Please don't say "you will find someone someday" i will hate you for thag and i will block you. I find this irritating because people screw me over all the frigging time. Think about what happen to your pass relationship and your friendship and think about the flaws you've had with them before telling me bs. If not then check out bs DOT com.


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  • First thing you need to do is calm down. Calling your ex a whore is something she doesn't deserve, and deep down you know this.
    I honestly don't think you should go anywhere near this girl if she's making you act like this. I wouldn't talk to her ever again in my opinion. Ignore your ex's friend.


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