I want him back, How do I do this?

My ex and I just broke up. We have lots of history and I love him a lot. I know some of the reasons why we broke up but not all,we are meeting soon to talk face to face about things. How do I get him to consider giving us another chance?A real chance not just saying the words?I have read all these articles and they are all about playing games. I hate games,I am up front and honest,I don't want to be anything else with him or anyone,so How do I get him back without all the games?

I am meeting my ex this evening.I have told him I miss him,he knows I miss him.I need something more drastic then "I miss you".Please...any help would be great


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  • All of it you can truth to tell him how you feel cause you are good interest and gonna into him so always if you feel heartbeat in your heart who someone lost like your boyfriend. It can get forgive each other no matter what would happen. He will understand what you consider come true make him calm down and get some treat. Good luck!

  • tell him you miss him...


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