So i'm in grade 10 atm, and my current boyfriend I met in year 7, and nothing relly happened until Year 8 and we first went out, it wasn't serious it was just young stuff and I remeber dumping him for the first time because I ahd feelings for someone else, an older guy at my school who lead me on and I soon realised he was a jerk anyways. We dated again in Year 9 and I dumped him again because our relationship had become more serious and so we did stuff you do in relationships and he told three of his mates less than 2 weeks after we did it at a sleepover he went to. He denied it and then later told the truth that he did, I felt hurt and trusted that he was different. He went to pieces cried everyday at school looked so depressed and so I went up to him, being inlove with him and all and remember saying "Let's just forget it all" and that was the realtionship restarted. During all of this I have delt this serious at home issues, Depression and anxiety my mother just walked in my room and tells me she's got no money for food for the next few days like (just then) so that kind of sums up how things are going.. anyways I went through a period where it ot that bad i tried to leave the world (put nicely) and couldn't function to talk to anyone so he texted me and said we need to end things.. and so that was the third time our relationship was over. The whole time people where giving us both so much shit at school and saying "You's are pathetic, dating over and over again, its not going to work" and honestly the reasons I kept going back to him are because I needed his support and he was the only person that came even close to staying through the bullshit in my life. Year 10 comes and we started things up again and I realise it's not everything i thought it would be.. I don't have feelings like that for him anymore, If i end things again, it will be forever done and I will get so much shit from people at school, BAD. What do I do?


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  • Just fucking end it, everyone already thinks your an idiot for doing it so many times they probably expect it.

    • How would you put it?

    • you mean to him right? If so just say it's over for good he probably won't even believe so won't give too much of a shit. Your gonna get the usual told you so you fucking idiot for a few weeks at school shit will probably die down, got other things to do in year 10 that's when school starts to get serious.

    • Okay.. This legit makes me feel sick, Thankyou though

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