Help!!! Am I wasting my time with him or does he like me?

Everytime we hang out we usually kiss, cuddle, and hold hands. We have sent to the movie's, got dinner two times together and went shopping for drinks. He has paid for me for everything. He has held doors open for me like when we go places and such. He covers me with a blanket when I'm cold. Last time I was there when we were cuddling we were holding hands and if I let go he grabbed my hand were our fingers were intertwined. He also squeezed my palm against his (whatever that means?). He then made me coffee in the morning.

By the way he's my ex. We didn't just break up eighter, It's been awhile.

What is going on here?

Guys help please!!!
Guys please comment and help!!!


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  • WTF? he obviously likes you, is it really too hard to read?
    its not waste of time

    • We'll he's not asking to get back together so I'm starting to wonder and he doesn't text me during the week

    • but it'll be worth a try, to answer your question, it's not waste of time

    • What about him not texting me.
      And of course were intimate with each other

What Girls Said 1

  • Not a clue...

    • what does it seem like?