Meeting My Ex?

i spoke to me ex today after two weeks of no contact and arranged a lunch date for later on in the week after the some casual chat,she told me she was going to pick me up for the lunch and was really looking forward to seeing me again.

I'm just a little confused because when we were talking it was the same as when were together telling me what she's been up to and given I know her sleeping patterns why would she get up early to see me before going to work?

I have my own ideas of what this means so I am looking for other opinions.could be a sign of patching things up between us ?.given the break up wasn't nasty and was mutual I didn't want the break up but I supported her decision


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  • So you guys split up 2 weeks ago?

    It sounds like she misses you man...

    I don't know why you guys split but it sounds like it wasn't for the right reasons..

    If you still have feelings for her and she wants to see you..

    Go with the flow.. See how things workout..

    But remember.. You have the rest of your life...


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