How did you move on?

How did you move on?I think it's time for me to move on. I failed in my epic quest to attract my ex (we never really were but caught up a few times). And by God it was an epic quest. I went to Africa and did conservation showing I cared for the environment (make her jealous as she studies conservation), took up salsa dancing to increase confidence (lacking), joined the local fire service (heroism), learnt to cook epic meals, bought a motorbike (adds sense of adventure), smashed the gym impproving aesthetics further, booked myself in for another shot at an adventure harder then climbing Everest (injured last time). I made that copper flower pic and sent it to her last week in preparation for valentines day (long distance). She loved it and we talked tonight on the phone. Convo went well but I'm getting no hints of getting back together. I don't want to force her into a corner. Kept it casual. Had her laughing. But it wasn't spectacular. Maybe it's been to long since last time. Current thinking is its time to move on before I ruin a good friendship.

How did you all move on? How did you fill that empty void in your heart? That tearing ache that keeps you awake late at night well into the early hours so that every ten minutes your checking your phone to see whether you've possibly missed it go off. I'm quite sad currently. I just wanna disappear and live the life of a hermit watching life go by before one day I pull that trigger ending it all. But I can't do that as that would hurt her so my alternative is to push to death this time when on my adventure. Mis adventure doesn't count as suicide. How do I not feel like this?


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  • Wow, i have no idea what this girl is doing by letting you go when you're doing all of this.
    I dated my ex for 5yrs, wanted to move in together and thought he was the one i was going to marry. I adored him and would do anything to support him, travelling across the world to events with him etc. He talked to girls and met them behind my back, became distant and didn't ask how my day was, went on dating sites, didn't support my career and was quite happy living with his parents at 25yrs (he could easily afford to move out). Apparently when i broke up with him, i have to take the consequences of my choice and realise what i've lost with him. I realise now that we were complete opposites. I loved to laugh, i was passionate, i loved trying new things and travelling. He wanted to stay in, play tennis, go to parties (i hate being at parties) etc. He lied, i was completely honest and open about everything. He played games, i didn't.

    I moved on by learning to love myself and realising i didn't deserve to be treated badly. There are billions of people on earth, there's bound to be someone else who will love you more and treat you better than your ex. I worked out, actually learnt how to salsa too XD, cooking classes (i'm still an awful cook), and swimming lessons. I kept myself so busy doing things i've always wanted to do (not to impress him), i didn't have the time to think about him. I became the best version of myself i've ever been, and i've never been happier. I never realised how much i relied on him to be happy.

    You're feeling down right now which i can understand completely. But there's someone out there who's the one you're meant to be with. Things happen for a reason.
    Time will help, and you will get over her eventually. Just work on being happy and realise the amazing guy that you are.

    • I've done a bit of research today and everything seems to support you. I agree, I must work on being happy and be the best that I can be. Eventually I'll realise there's other girls out there but it'll take a while. She was special in the way we'd click. First time we met just the two of us chatted 5 hours straight. Our phone calls would last hours. She's just as weird as me thought wise. I've dated other girls since (to make sure I'm not getting to stalker like) and have yet to find that spark. I guess there's plenty of fish in the sea. Thanks for the reply.

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