Did ever someone you liked/loved so much say something that really hurt you and you couldnt get over it although they are nice to you?

me and this guy like each other so much, and he is nice to me, but i have been cheated on two times with their ex girlfriends, one of them cheated on me after 2 years with the same girl who dummped him before we met , and the other was dating his ex at same time after 3 years together, so when me and the new guy met, i told him that i like him and that i wouldn't want to hear about his ex girl friend, and asked him not to talk about her infront of me since it is already in past, because i suffered from that twice ( i was taking medicines after those break ups and felt worthless), and it really hurts me now. I warned him very clearly, but still one day after dating for a while and having nice feelings he told me " that it hurts him that he hasn't talked to his ex in three months since the break up, and that he sometimes feels that it sucks he can't call her or make the same jokes he used to make with her anymore". He told me so while i was taking him to a date and wearing a dress for him, It broke my heart and i started crying, saying why are you telling me that now , his answer was " it is the truth, we been together for 2 years, and we have memories together ", but for god's sake why are you telling me that. how should i feel now? afterwards he was sad that he hurt me , he apologized and said that he will never talk about her again, and that they are done and not in contact anymore, and that he doesn't want me to be someone else, and i am the only one on his mind. I passed it on because i like him and was sad to end things, but still now, after 1 month and half, i still remember it and i feel hurt and distant from him.. nobody wants to feel like a replacement, or that they prefer someone else over the, afterwards he has been nice, but i have been hurt to core previously, and i warned him very clearly, and still he said it in very hurtfuly, i had to forgive it because "IT IS UNFAIR TO END THINGS", and isn't it unfair to say the only thing i said will hurt me?


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  • I'm really sorry to hear how people have treated you in the past, and I do think it's unfair that he mentioned the only thing you asked him not to mention - and in one of the worst ways possible. However, maybe take it as a compliment that he trusted you enough to tell you about her, and that he respected you enough to not bring her up for months. Like his ex, what he said is in the past so the only thing you can do to stop it hurting you is to just accept that he said it and forgive him for it since he apologised.


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