How to find your way to a man's heart again?

what should you do to get an ex boyfriend back when you were the dumper? i would like to know what a man needs to love you like they used to. i don't want to bother him but he kept telling me how he missed me and how he wishes to be with me again. he was very heartbroken when i broke up with him two months ago. about a week ago he has met a new girl but i know he still loves me and is scared to get hurt again. he even told me he has some regret that he started dating the new girl because he never thought that i would ever contact him again. he doesn't want to hurt her thats why he chose her. what should i do?

  • leave him alone and wait for him to come back
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  • move on
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  • keep telling him you love him and want him back
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  • You need to put a lot of work in for this one... he is already gonna see you as un reliable and won't want to put himself in a posistion to get tossed to the curb again.

    • yeah.. :c i feel so stupid. i never wanted to lose him. if this happened to you, what would you need from this girl to trust her again and to believe you could actually work this out together? i don't care if it is going to be a lot of work because in the end i did this to myself and the love we shared is absolutely worth it

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    • i guess i'll just forget about it then.. he already knows i would like to start over so if he changes his mind he will let me know. if he doesn't then there's nothing i can do about it

    • Pretty much yeah... ball is in his court, its really more about what he wants then what you want at the moment

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  • You have told him how you feel and how sorry you are so i would just leave it and let him decide if he wants to try again or not. Sometimes it's hard to trust some some a second time, after they have already given you one good reason to not trust them again. So i would leave him alone, and let his own heart guide back to you , if that is where it leads him

    • thank you for your good advice. i totally understand his choice for now. i think i would feel the same way if this happened to me instead. i wish i had known earlier. i am angry at myself for wasting his time and hurting him. i am going to improve myself to be the best person i can possibly be and learn from my mistakes

    • Aww i can see you are genuinely sorry. We all let people down at times, and hurt those we love... unintentionally. Sometimes it takes a painful experience to help us to see what really matters to us , and mistakes guide us to make the necessary changes we need to make.

      I honestly believe if someone is meant to be in your life then they will find their way back to you. So don't give up hope just yet. Just remember when you left him he still loved you , so he will still love you and care about you. Feelings can't be switched off, even when your heart has been broken. He is probably too scared of being hurt again in the same way as before , so he has put his guard up. Just give him time to work out what he wants. He knows you are sorry and have deep regret, Now it's up to him to take the next step.

      I sincerely hope it works out for you :)

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  • Ok, you're going to need a scalpel, rib cutters, a bone saw and an autopsy table.

    First, using the scalpel. cut a Y in his torso that covers the entire length of his torso
    Secondly, use the rib cutters the cut his ribs so you can remove the ribs and the sternum. (bone saw maybe useful)
    Thirdly use the scalpel to cut the arteries and veins running into his heart and then remove his heart

    CONGRATULATIONS, you've now found your way to his heart!

    Not the answer you wanted? Oh, well, in your situation unfortunately I don't think you can, from what you've said it seems like he's gotten over you and tbh if you did manage to get together again I don't think it would last long :/ but if you want to try remember that actions speak louder than words so go get some coffee with him and talk it all over :) Goodluck

  • Well I think his trust is broken... And he night not come back to you...
    I think the of no point in getting back with him if you are again going to dump him...

    But then it's his choice.. I'd he wants to come back or not.. Another girl is involved so if he dumps her her heart will break too...

    I think the best thing is that you should move on!!!

    By the way why did you dump him?

  • He's not going to trust you again and he shouldn't. He probably thinks you're only interested because he found someone to replace you. Even if that's not the case, that's how he sees it. He doesn't want to be just good enough the same way you don't want to be second best

  • How far has the dating with the new girl gone? I mean, are they in a relationship now?

    • he messaged me every week for two months but i wasn't ready to answer his texts. when i messaged him four days ago he was very kind at first but when he told me some things he had to tell me. i told him that it was very hard for me to deal with that and that i couldn't be friends with him like he wanted too. it pissed him off so i ignored him. he messaged me again an hour later and told me he met this new girl a week ago. she was in love with him so he just agreed to be in a relationship with her. so yes they are dating right now. i don't know how things are going between them and i rather not want to know because it will only cause me immense pain.

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    • Well, happy to hear that 😊 Last thing we want to do is to trouble others. Glad that you're not one of those girls 😊

    • why would i want that. i love him. he deserves this and i will be okay :)

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