Help!!! What are signs an ex is using you for sex?

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  • I don't think an ex really can use you for sex without you wanting him to. You're not in a relationship with him and unless he suggests he wants to get back together it should seem obvious that things won't progress further. If he wants sex and that makes you uncomfortable then just say no.

    • We'll he act's like he likes me that's the thing

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    • We'll I don't want to make things awkward between us if I should already know by his actions

    • Yeah but you don't know so I don't know what you're waiting for. Not talking about it can't do anything good. Either he's into you, which you need to know, or he isn't that serious about it which you need to know. All we can do here is speculate which we have already done and we haven't reached a conclusion. So have a conversation with him instead of strangers on the Internet who don't and can't know all the facts.

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  • i think a sign would be that when they have sex with you and then they don't talk to you right away afterwards or text you. Some guy told me that when a guy likes you, they make an attempt to show it and if the ex isn't showing it off the bat, he may just be using you.

    • What do you mean showing it? Like with actions when you two are together because we definitely spend time together and he buys my food and stuff when we go places

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    • Is this constantly? or is it after you've had sex? if it's a constant thing that he shows affection than chances are he may really like you, but if he's using you, giving you affection is whenever HE wants. You should also feel like you are in control of your "relationship" as well.

    • We'll yeah it's whenever I go to hang out with him. It's the same thing everytime with some improvements

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  • The fact that your ex wants sex is a pretty good indicator lol
    Not likely you'll get back together.

    • Why? It's not like he asks for it

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