Why am I still in love with my ex it been 2 years?

Its been two years. why can't i stop thinking about him.. or get this feeling he come back just waiting for me to get my life in order he friend say he not pining over me he move on with his life he's doing for him. or im just being dumb. he seem to care about my life and says i have a lot going for me. and he doesn't hates me. but doubt things will be the same. I wonder should i show him i changed and im sill the same sweet me. i mean. after all his friend spout crap about me? someone please help me. what i should i do?


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  • 💁🏻 either tell him how you feel or move on stop wasting time

  • its okay hun I'll be there in 10 mins lol
    what happen?
    was it kids


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