I love her, but she has a rebound?

Me and my ex of 3 years broke up in December, she got in a relationship 2 weeks later.

i was No Contact for a month and 8 days til she called me late night. I didn't answer but she proceed with a text. I texted her for about 5-8 minutes and ended the convo.

4 days later she sends me a random as text talking about "this guy from my work so pictures of us together and started asking about us, I thought it was funny". I didn't reply

A week later at like 11pm she called me ftim a private number (she always did this when we was together) but I was busy and couldn't answer.

*she interact with my 2 brothers and my best friend on IG* it's weird cause she wasn't that interactive with them when we was together.

when she called me I checked her Twitter page, to see what was up but she looked perfectly happy in her new relationship.

id love to work things out with her but I'm not the type to just interfere in the middle of a relationship


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  • She's trying to make you jealous. If she's contacting you and trying to tell you about how amazing everything is, she wants you back. I get the feeling if you told her you want to try again she'd want to as well. Especially since she's contacting your family. The other person she's with, she's using. Contact her and try being a bit flirty. If she responds then you'll have a pretty clear answer. If you're feeling up to it, suggest meeting her in person. It'll be the quickest way to figure out what she wants, and you can be completely upfront and simply ask her if she wants to try again.

    • When she reaches out again I will make a move and she how she proceeds. Earlier that day she reached out to me she posted a pic of her and her boyfriend about how happy he mad her but she contacted me a couple hours later. But I will make my next move w/e the time comes

  • Doesn't sound like she's wants her other relationship go for it!

    • I know but when I checked her social media she looked perfectly happy with the guy, that's why I'm just going to wait til she reaches out again

    • A lot of people try to seem happy on social media talk to her you don't know for a fact that she is! she's even trying to reach out to you

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  • If she's you're girl take her back