Help!!! What is he's deal?

He seems like he likes me and when we're together it's all good. With the kissing, cuddling, hugging, and hand holding. Besides him buying me things when we go out to get food or whatnot. Last time I was there he made me coffee.

But mostly when I ask him to hang out he's busy and he just answer's me but doesn't answer's any follow up questions I have about why he's busy and we don't talk during the week and sometimes he doesn't answer me.

He's my ex by the way.

I don't get what's with him sometimes?

Help me understand please!!!

Guys comment please!!!
Guys help!!!


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  • He's your ex? How long since the split and who ended the relationship? Did you guys agree to just be friends, or something of that nature? Because I feel like he's just keeping you around to have an option... I mean he doesn't explain what he's doing when he's busy, right? Either he doesn't feel the need to explain himself since he's not in a relationship with you, or he has someone else... I don't want you getting paranoid, but it's possible...

    • But then when we're face to face he has no problem telling me

    • hmm... hard to say... I apologize for my cynicism, but at best, he really is busy and can't respond right away and forgets (happens to the best of us). But at worst, he uses the time he doesn't respond to come up with a good story why... I'm tempted to say that he simply doesn't care or put as much value as you in the relationship you currently have... When you guys cuddle and whatnot, does it feel forced or like he's just going through the motions? And were his texting habits always like this, before and during the relationship? Because if so, then maybe, since he's your ex, he just doesn't feel the relationship obligation to answer right away?

    • No he has honestly always been bad at texting and calling even when we were together.
      Last time we cuddled he had his arm around me the whole time and he kept holding my hand and intertwining are fingers and squeezing it even when I would let go

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