Need tips on getting over a guy?

He Broke up with me. Saying he need space then gave b. s saying im going to miss u and he still loved me. What's the best way to get over someone?


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  • Look at what you were doing before the relationship, your interests and the things you found fun. Now, how much did you share with your ex? There are very few couples who 100% share the same interests, so start with something that you loved before you ever loved him. A sport? A hobby? A place you could always go to clear your head? Start by remembering who you are and that you can be you without him (if that makes sense). Or take up something new that'll give you a fresh start. A new hobby or something that you might've had interest in before can be refreshing and can give you a newfound sense of beginning. From there, it's all just a matter of time...


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