Can random one night stands heel me after break-up?

it was not right from the begining and i knew it... he was older and never went serious with anybody... all his ex girls (he had many girls), he dated only for half a year... and then left for someone new...
but somehow we stayed together for long 3 years (long enough for him, than ususal)... I felt connection between us, and i literally stoped dating anyone, he was more than enough. A few times i wanted to leave, but he didn't let me go.
And this year he started to be more cold with me... and completely dissapeared lately. So, i think its over and have to move on... I knew it should have end someday...
But, break-up was hard for me and i felt lonely and had a few one night stands...
i feel like its wrong, but... its the only way i can survive this break-up and plus i was out of dating world for 3 years...
So, should i stop and let myself forget him and then try to date again? or?


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  • No. It will damage you more. Healing is a painful process. Try not to give a man sex unless he's married you first.

  • If you are trying one night stands because you were in love and broke up, you will only make yourself feel worse.

    Sleeping around works when you want to get physical. It does nothing positive for, and even potentially harms the emotional.

    You cannot make anyone love you, like you, or want you. They do or they don't., and they might change their minds later. Accept it.

    • "and they might change their minds later. Accept it."- but do u think i will sit and wait until the time he might change his mind?
      no, he left me, and door closed

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    • indeed it leaves u more broken than before

    • Now you know the answer to your question.

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