Why does he try to contact me? Do I reply?

So to make long story short, my ex cheated real bad, l (we were inlove) (6 months) I wanted to work things out he wasn't quite sure so I never mentioned reconciling again. A few months later I told him it best we no longer contact each other for awhile (he took it personally). A month later he hits me up we catch up then I decided NOT to respond 4 months later he hits me up saying "hey" I said "hi" he said "how are you?" I didn't respond back *it showed that I've SEEN the msg* then a month later he hits me up saying "hello" why is he hitting me up because he knows there's no bad blood (so at this point he shouldn't be feeling bad) I've heard he's been dating and either way what's the point of having the classic "hey how are you" short convo


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  • Probably just to check and see how things are

    • It's getting old it's been a year since we broke up is there a way I can tell him not to worry and just not check up

    • Just put it straight to him. Tbf most times guys do that its to see how they compare