I need help trying to get away and make a life for myself before my mother ruins it?

Help it been two years since me and my ex broke up. And I have nervous breakdown after he left me. he went off to college me working so hard 2 years on my G. E. D i end up home with my abusive controlling mom.. I'm 28 year old and my mother hold me back from everything. she told me to leave my ex. I'm it been 2 years i still love him. But his friend get in the way and tell im not good enough for him or im a loser for him im a bum. this all has slowed me down i started to give up on my schooling. now he moving to another town and i can"t help but ot feel hurt when i left him i said some messed up stuff to him. I dont know what to do. please help me how can i at least get him to talk to me. i have been asking for advice on others websites. is there a way he doing this so i can't forces on school or he is completely done with me... all i know this hurts i mean i need help with all this in order to forces on my studies not let this bother me. I want him to chase me again please help!!!


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  • So a friend tells him to dump you and he does based solely on what this friend says? Why would you want someone like that? 2 years is a long time. Give it up and move on

  • I think you need to choose other men who could love you as you are.


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  • First thing you need to do is move out. If you're not happy with your own life, you're not ready to be in a relationship.
    Try sending him a message. Something that you know he would respond to. It has to be the best message you've ever sent in your life. Funny, creative, a topic that he finds interesting, and fairly short.
    Work up by sending him a couple of messages a day (he has to reply to the first one). If he doesn't reply to the first message, wait a couple of weeks and try again with a different message.
    But honestly? You need to be happy within yourself first. If you're happy, guys will automatically be drawn to you.