I can't get over this girl? What should I do?

There is a girl I used to talk to for a year and a half and we hung out maybe like 5 times and she spent the night at my place a long time ago. We both felt a connection but I screwed it up and she said she moved on. I dont know how long ago it was but I am having the hardest time moving on. I constantly think about her and the good times and good thoughts I had. It ended really dumb but now im just trying to ignore her snapchat story and try not to look at her facebook. It just gets hard, I keep giving in and think about her. She also ignored me for a while and it drove me nuts but now the last few snap stories I had she viewed them. Its honestly driving me crazy I really miss her but there is nothing I can do. It sounds dumb but I felt like she was the one for me even though I probably sound really stupid about that. Anyways since I need to face reality how do I get over a girl like that?


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  • Build a bridge and get over it 💁🏻

    • thanks man but id appreciate a more specific response

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