I'm dating a guy who still talks to HIS ex who is with MY ex, so should I stay talking to him?

The guy I'm dating, turns out to be the ex of the girl MY ex boyfriend is with now. We met at a club and then discovered that disturbing fact after quite some time. The issue being he is still friends with this girl and in contact with her. It makes things awkward for me knowing that this is the girl my ex cheated on me with and is now going out with. He seems to be really close with her, but says he has no emotional connection with her considering they only went out for 4months, however I do not trust that girl at all. Also, he told me the only reason they broke it off is because she was not returning the affection he showed her and decided they were better as friends. My fear is that this girl is going to end up trying to come back to him if things don't work out with her and my ex, and that he will take her back because of how much he cared for her. I'm not the type of girl to make a guy "choose" as in it's your friend or me. It's just that I can not see my see myself ever being in a relationship with this guy because of that girl. Am I in the wrong for not giving him a chance? Should I even stay talking to him? Honestly I would never have even considered talking to him if I knew before hand that he was the ex of the girl my ex is with. I don't like drama so why go looking for it, just it somehow found me and I don't know what to do. Please help, all advice welcome. Thank you!


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  • It would be hard for me to be in the relationship., he is communicating with person that sabatoged your previous relationship. Have you ever confronted this girl? You know I would probably talk to this girl first let her know how I felt. Maybe the guy you are with is stronger then your ex boyfriend.

    • No I have never confronted that girl about this subject, just once when me and my ex had broken up for a months time and I APOLOGIZED to her for ever "assuming" she was more than just best friends with my boyfriend at that time. She replied back, basicly saying no harm no fowl, lo and behold they were going out that whole month till he told her he was geting back with me -_-; and I never knew...

    • Do you think you can get passed it? Its a lot of weight for you 2 be carrying around.

    • Trust is a big issue for me, I only spent 2yrs and 3months on that guy who ended up with her, so now its dificult for me, I just have my hopes that they stay together, but he is a real jerk hence why I left him, I just hope he's not like that to her, irrigarless of how she knew.

  • move on.


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