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So, I met this girl around 3 months ago. We have had such amazing times, seen each other 3 - 4 times a week and been in constant contact with each other.

Everything was going fine until one day she rang and said she was having a bad day. The ex had been in touch.

Since then, she became a bit distant before calling me and telling me that she thought we should just be friends as she thought she was over him, but she still has feelings for him and it wouldn't be fair if she couldn't give her all to me.

I feel so strongly for her and don't want to let her go, do you think this can be resolved?


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  • I mean it's her ex for a reason. It may work out with the ex or it may not. I say let her be let her see the mistake she made plus she obviously still has feelings for her the ex so she can't build any for you. Don't be her rebound. go on with your life and if a couple months later she or you decide to text each other you'll know if she is single and whatnot but focus on yourself and keep dating she isn't the only amazing fish and things happen for a reason.


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  • Go to her , tell her u can give her what the pther guy didn't and that u feel so strongly for her. That u dont want to force her to anything just want her to know that u care for her and that u respect her choice no matter what it is even as a friend u will be there for her. I would fall for those words seriously lol


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