Should I greet my ex this valentine's?

Okay so we broke up because of the distance. Actually, we never became a couple but we were exclusive for 3 years. I said something like he never courted me anyway which is true because he's far away. So anyway, I think I made him feel guilty because of that... . which is why he said he wanted to end things. We broke off Valentine's last year. He also feels guilty because I told him I turned down 2 guys for him (he should be happy right? ?)

Anyway, over the past year, we didn't talk much anymore. He greeted me during Christmas and on my birthday though. I just don't know if he still likes me but yes, I do like him a lot. I still cry at times right now when I remember we're not together.

It's hard to say here our whole story haha. But if someone would answer and want more details, I'd give more details. Please help me. Should I greet him on Valentine's? He told me when we broke off that he only sees me as a friend (which I know is a Bluff because he later on said he just don't want to be in a long distance relationship and that he thought we'd end up with each other)

If ever, I'd write in my Valentine's greeting as:
Hey! We've always greeted each other just as friends ever since so I guess. ... happy valentine's! Keep smiling and know that I'm happy for you :) take care!

Or should I be better off pretending I have moved on and forgot about him?


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  • No you shouldn't. Move on

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