Why do I torture myself like this?

I creeped her profiles just to see some new photos of her smiling loving life while I'm just stuck in the misery she left me in.

I don't understand why I continue to do this...

  • No man stop it! Don't do that... you're just prolonging the recovery.
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  • It's just a facade anyways... she's not really as happy as she pretends to be in those photos, she just doing it to maintain appearances.
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  • Fuck her! She's a cheater & always will be a cheater... she did you a favor by getting caught & walking away.
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  • More time to focus on you, stop prolonging the goals you had in mind and put them in motion.
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  • Keep on improving yourself and be ready for the next person.
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  • It wasn't love it was just desperation, something real is bound to happen.
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  • It was a lesson. Take what you can and learn from it, that's how you move foward.
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  • Well if option C is correct and she did indeed cheat on you, then it's best you move on completely. Ignore her and forget her, dude.

    • Every point is accurate and option C is definitely 100% accurate.

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    • No I heard through the grapevine that she isn't happy... so those pics are most likely a lie.

    • Doesn't matter. She's out of your life. Doesn't matter whether she's happy, sad or dead. You don't care about her anymore.

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  • You should start thinking about you.

    • I'm trying to... problem is staying focused and motivated.

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