She left me to dream on my own, and all alone?

To make a long story short, girl that liked me, basically threw a friendship of a yea a six months, and threw herself on a guy that even she said she barely knows for only two months. After telling me that she would love to be my girl, she then tells me that she likes me, and she has interest, but that she kind of lost some interest? I mean wow, what does that mean, it don't really make sense. I told her your basically telling me that you fell asleep liking me, and woke up kind of disliking me? And she put her head down and said yeah kind off. I really don't get this girl, how can she do this when she was so sweet and beautiful from the outside and inside to begin with. She even said we could still go out, but only as friends, and stuff. Why would she say she would love to be with me, and then have this new great guy come into the picture and then throw me away like that. It really hurts, because what took me a year and six months to fail, will only take this guy less than two months to achieve! That's not fair, I mean she was feeling bad, but why when she's the one who left me like a dog, I just don't get it...i miss her. I decided to take some time and I already gave it a month, I'm planning on coming back no matter what. I might of been down...but I'm not down for the count man.


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  • this might be a little off..but..did she break up with the other guy or did he leave her?

    • No they are not together, they just know each other from school. But I'm guessing he came on her, and instead of her thinking about me first, she let herself be to him, and threw me away. Man...........thats not cool.

    • Thats happened to me b4..but I also learned that the guy wasn't worth it because he cheated and the girl and blah blah I totally gave up on him..but you have a different case here..hmm..but if you really believe she's the one.go for it.but not everything has a happy ending if you know what I mean..

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