How do you get your ex back?

please I need really good advice like asap


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  • i'm on the process of getting back my ex.. before he told me that I have no chance of having him back, as in 0%..then I didn't stop, I still get in touch with him, writing love notes and put them secretly in his notebook or bag, then I'm always there wherever he is even sometimes my other subjects in school sacrifice./. I studied how to learn playing dota because it was its favorite game, then when he played dota, I played too, then I keep on telling him that I love him, even he's not responding to my text, I still text him, and telling him that no matter how long I will wait for him, and that I won't open my heart to anybody, it hurts, especially in my part, because I'm the girl who run after him..but 2 weeks ago, suddenly he told me that I have a chance of having him back, you know the pain, it turns into unexplainable happiness... it's like my effort are worth after all, so I keep courting him though it look awkward that I'm the girl, the one who court,but he's worth fighting for so I don't care what other poeple say, so it's up to you if you will do the same thing.. goodluck :)


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  • *face palm*


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  • Make Him feel like he lost something, make him want you back! You could always talk to him and tell him you want to get back together that's what I did :) But try not to confuse him and start flirting.


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