Does he still have feelings for me, or not? Experts, help?

For starters, we split up. We decided STRICTLY to be 'friendly' towards each other. But then, he started being flirty... and in turn, I flirted back too.

However I quickly got annoyed because this made me question where I stand with him. I'd ask directly if he had moved on/was interested in anyone else yet and he'd quickly snap at me. In fact, any reference to any other girl would annoy him.

I'd ask directly where we stand with each other and he'd manage to avoid the questions somehow. Then, he ended up choosing to cuddle me (refer romantically might I add) after he finished his work one night and decided to pass by my house on his way home.

After that, he continued to flirt. But again, I got annoyed at this and ended up arguing with him and telling him o let me know where we stood. He got angry and ended up saying 'we could be friendly and nothing more because it always leads to this' which I accepted.

As for wondering if he'd moved onto someone new? My friend follows him on Instagram and noticed he'd been liking a lot of pictures of this one girl. And had even commented on a few.

So, why is it, that even although I asked him if he'd moved on, is he denying it point blank to my face? I asked purely to make things easier for us so I knew where I stood. And now I feel as if he's lied and that's something I'm enraged about.
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  • Just options, he doesn't want to be torn from you completely.

    For some men, it's all about the conquest, and all conquerors want to keep their land no matter how indifferent they become to it. It's just an instinct.

    Ottomans for example, conquered Yemen for two times and spent huge amount of time and money, the land itself was worthless, they had no income or presperity from it, they were just annoyed that it was gone so they waged another idiotic war for it.

    • But, how can you EVER truly move on with someone else then if that's the case?

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    • Oh, I get it now. Maybe he's just not content because you didn't have sex.

    • Aww I don't know. This other woman posted on her Instagram something along the lines of 'there's six billion people in the world, and sometimes all you need is one' and he liked it. Same with when she posted the Jimmy eat world song 'work' which is about casual sex/work and play kinda thing.

      Either way, I'm pissed off with him. And he knows sex definitely isn't on the cards now anyway, despite how I feel about him.

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  • sounds like he's just keepin' you close while he looks for a replacement

    • Why would he do that though? That's incredibly mean ;m:/

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    • that's more than a mistake lol. pretty much denied the guy a real relationship, and hid him from others. i wouldn't take well to that either.

    • I know that. And I sincerely wish I'd went about things differently. Circumstances were difficult was all.

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