Why did my ex's best friends contact me?

My ex were broken up for about 6mos, and then his bff looked me up on MySpace. We used 2 be good friends also so we started talking. I eventually deleted him because of talking about my ex. (he defended him ignoring my side of the story). He then helped my ex get into the same college as I and now all three of us are going. Why are they doing this? and why is the friend doing this?

Also while talking about my ex, he asked me to tell him of a conversation we had because I said my ex was confusing. He said " maybe he still has feelings for you" and I said "i wish." Would he have told my ex that I said this?


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  • ok I think your ex still has feeling for you ! so the least YOU can do is talk to him about this . I think that his friend is helping your ex get you back I mean he went to the same college and he did start talking bout him on my space.


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