What does my ex's text mean?

It was an ambiguous implied break up where he said we see things differently and doesn't think that's reconciled. But he didn't answer me when I asked if he wanted to stop seeing me. I told him I tried and feel like I screw things up. He said that he doesn't blame me for "screwing things up" he just thinks we see things differently. And I commented on a few other things he had said. He said he was hearing me. And then the convo died.

Yesterday (the day after the implied break up) when my area had a coastal flood warning, he texted, "Hope your area is safe" And I replied that it was and he said good. Then I told him about something amusing that had just happened at work and he wrote "ha." That was yesterday. I'm not planning on initiating contact. I'm focusing on moving on, but does this look like the breadcrumbs people speak of? Where he just wants to see if I'll respond but otherwise it's over? Or is it possible it's not a break up at all and he still needs time to cool off? Honestly if I never hear from him again, he won't hear from me either.


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