What would make you respond to an ex?

Let's imagine that you were still in love with your ex. It's been a month since the breakup, and they've not been in touch since then, and you haven't contacted them either.

They messaged you with a true story about how they met a celebrity (let's say for example Seth Macfarlane, and you're obsessed with family guy/can be anything you're obsessed with), only it was where something funny happened to this celebrity. A short text with just that. Would you respond? How would you respond?
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  • Alcohol. ... that's about it.

    First of all, I always block my exes to avoid future complexities and issues. I cut off their opportunity to engage in the future so that wouldn't happen. But if I was in your situation, I wouldn't reply because he's obviously just trying to get you to speak with him.


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  • In the scenario you've made up here, the other person is the dumper ("you're still in love..." bla bla bla).

    So, the dumper is making some sort of shameless ploy for attention, by appealing to something with which he/she knows you are "obsessed".

    Yeah, THAT couldn't possibly turn out badly, now, could it?

  • I think that's really tough! A month isn't a very long time! Knowing me I probably would reply but I think that would make the healing process just take longer!

  • Why would you reply to a non-sequiter statement/story from a person who broke up with you and hasn't said a word to you in a month?

  • Why wouldn't I reply?


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